Properties with security measures in place are five times less likely to be targeted then those without

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Whether you want to protect your home or business no job is too big or too small, from 1 camera to 500 cameras. Our engineers provide a fast, professional and friendly service. After a site survey we will put together a bespoke system that works to your requirements.


Keeping your home or business safe is about more than just protecting your property or warning you of intruders. You need a system which will protect you, your staff, your family and your customers from a whole host of potential situations.  Complete Security offers the most advanced intruder products based on state of the art wired or wireless detection technology. We install advanced security systems with flexible options that will protect your property from intrusion, damage and will alert you in if the alarm is triggered. 

All our intruder systems come with a no-quibble lifetime warranty as long as the system is being maintained by Complete Security. We also offer monitored systems with ARC response.

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If you own business premises your front door is often a busy entry point and it can be a security hazard if you can’t keep track of who’s going in and out at all times. For homeowners, having an entry system for a front door gives added peace of mind and security too. You might need a single door entry system for a home or home-based business or a large multi-door security system for a factory or warehouse. The main thing is that you need to track visitors and keep security tight, especially in areas such as secure stores, server rooms and archives. We can create a custom access control system that will integrate with your CCTV, alarm, time/attendance and ANPR systems. 



ANPR is a complete Automatic Number Plate Recognition system which offers a cost-effective way to control access and security in a whole host of different environments.

If you need to have the facility to monitor who is coming in and out of your business premises. From that data, you can build a valuable security system. ANPR stores the images captured by the cameras, as well as text from licence plates and it’s also possible to store photographs of the drivers. Integrated correctly this solution is a valuable tool in any security system.


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Since incorporation our aim has been to provide a first class service locally and throughout the UK to our clients from initial enquiry through to ongoing technical support and maintenance  


We are trusted by our clients to protect people and property from criminal activity


We pride ourselves on the fact that 90% of our work comes from recommendation


We provide solutions for small scale domestic clients up to multisite national companies with central control centres and all of our clients receive the same high standard of service and ongoing support

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